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Edgeworld for Pokki

Play Edgeworld for free, right from your desktop. Edgeworld is a multiplayer sci-fi game that brings strategy games
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8 April 2013

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Computer games today come in various genres and classes. On one side you have huge multiplayer games that come with heavy graphics, riveting plotlines while on the other side you have arcade games which look pale in comparison. However arcade games are still popular because they offer a whole lot of fun without tasking your brain or wasting your time in learning the game. Now if you are looking for a game that mixes the best elements of both the genres then you need to get hold of Edgeworld for Pokki 31. This exciting little game essentially challenges you to set up your camp on an alien planet and attempt to dominate the galaxy.

Before you start playing Edgeworld for Pokki 31, you need to know that this version of the game is specifically designed for Pokki platform that allows your favorite mobile apps to be played on your desktop. In this game you get to engage in tactical combat and you would have a host of varied weaponry at your disposal. You will get the chance to position units in a manner that your battlefield objectives are met and can use elite troops to carry out special missions. You will also get the chance to forge partnerships to fight against a common enemy and undertake joint missions. Overall the game is easy on graphics and navigation is really good. The music score is quite riveting and sound effects are well thought out. At times the game can become really challenging and it makes sense for you play to it with a focused strategy.

Our experience of playing Edgeworld for Pokki 31 has been rather thrilling and would recommend every Pokki user to download this great game app. Owing to its overall fun quotient and well written plotline, we offer this game a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Edgeworld for Pokki is a free multiplayer sci-fi strategy game app for your Windows PC.
Play Edgeworld for free, right from your desktop. Edgeworld is a multiplayer sci-fi game that brings strategy games to the future with fully animated tactical combat, real-time battles, and other new gameplay mechanics. Download the Pokki desktop app game to start building, defending, and attacking with specialized units to maximize destruction!
Kabam, the leading developer of hardcore social games, partnered with Pokki to bring three popular Kabam games to the Pokki platform including: Dragons of Atlantis(TM), Edgeworld(TM), and The Godfather(TM): Five Families(TM).
* Defend it against hostile forces with defensive turrets that vary in range and weaponry.
* Attack your enemies with an army of elite soldiers and epic war machines.
* Deploy units skillfully to maximize destruction.
* Join an alliance for mutual protection.
Edgeworld for Pokki
Edgeworld for Pokki
Version 31
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